Do you want to be more accessible by telephone for your customers and suppliers or do you want to handle fewer calls yourself? Immediately create an account with us, give us your company details and briefly describe how we should answer the telephone. You will receive an assigned 085 number and login details for online management of your telephone service by e-mail. The answering service is immediately ready for use.

Online Receptionist Service without subscription
Experienced operators, no students
Your own receptionist with knowlege of your company
You be the judge: listen to recordings of your calls
Ready for use in  5 min
085 non-regional Dutch phonenumber included

Get more clients

Every call can mean a new customer. If you receive a call and you do not answer, you can lose the customer to the competitor. With our answering service, the data of your caller is always recorded by the operator.

Professional appearance

Small business or freelancer? Thanks to our telephone service, your callers get the impression that you are bigger than you actually are. You also show your customers that you are seriously dealing with customer contact.

Focus on your job

Research shows that your brain needs 10 minutes at every interruption to get back to the same concentration level. Our telephonists ensure that only the important calls come to you.

Unique platform

We have a unique platform through which you can immediately use our answering service telephone service. Switch your own phone number directly to the personal telephone number that we issue to you within a minute.

What sets us apart?

We are reliable and innovative. Our answering service telephone service is direct and easy to use. So without a subscription. Only pay what you use. We record the conversations between the operator and the caller. This way you can always monitor the quality of our answering service telephone service and you know what has been discussed.

For everyone who agrees with us; involved phone answering is gold for your company. During the time that contact is increasingly being done via the internet, the remaining contact moments via the telephone are special. These special moments must therefore leave a special impression. Do you want that too? Then Good Morning-Good Afternoon is something for you!

No subscription

With our telephone service you are NOT tied to a subscription and you do NOT have a notice period. Pay as you go!

Control Panel

You get your own control panel where you can listen to recordings of the conversations, look up notes, view invoices and change your instructions.

Serving 1000+ clients

More than 1000 customers have been ahead of you!

085 Dutch number included

Our answering service includes a 085 number, which you can put on your website or business card.

Add your colleagues

In the control panel you can add your colleagues, these will then be visible to the operators and they will receive their own call notes and telephonists can then transfer calls to them.

8.9 Trustpilot Score

Our customers rate us with an average of 8.9

E-mail after every call

You will receive an e-mail or SMS after each conversation with a report of what the operator has discussed and the details of the caller.


Expand your package with add-ons such as a notification outside opening hours, a welcome text, telemarketing filter, first to mobile service and more.

99% within 1 ring

99% of the calls answered within 1 ring

“Our telephonists have a goal: to have a friendly and involved telephone conversation and to think about follow-up actions such as consultation or transfer. And you can listen back to each call and assess it on quality. “

Receiving telephone conversations for another is not difficult, but it does well. How do we do that?

  • High service level, the calls are answered within seconds
  • Professional tone of voice, the caller does not notice that he / she speaks with an answering service
  • The notes of the conversation are processed completely and accurately

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