Phone system providers

Are you looking for a telephone exchange system or VoIP provider in the cloud and in The Netherlands with which you can make your company reachable but also call out to your customers, make calls, create queues and more? Below we have listed some providers for you that our customers use.

At you receive your telephone system in the cloud.
The specialists of Voclarion help you free of charge with setting how your number should be diverted to the telephone answering service.
This can be done on specific days or times, when you can not be reached, but also with the click of a button when it suits you.

In addition, you get access to all our functionalities including the Voclarion App to call with your business fixed number via your smartphone.


Call rates
Market standard
(contact us)

Other costs
€6 per account

All features included, no addon costs.


Via you get a telephone system in the cloud with which your customers can easily reach you.
This allows you to create items such as queues, IVR menus, free calls and further you can use an app on
your smartphone with which you can call and instead of your mobile number your fixed number
is displayed to the caller. This is called fixed-on-mobile integration.


Call rates
Starting rate €0,029
Fixed €0,021 p/m
Mobile€0,082 p/m

Other costs
€5 per month for 4 accounts
€4 per month for 2 lines
See rates for more lines and accounts.

You also pay per addon
(voicemail, calltimes, IVR menu etc.),
see the addon pricing.


Logo goedemorgen goedemiddag antwoordservice telefoondienst

Goodmorning-Goodafternoon is not a telephone system provider but offers solutions that can be enough for your needs.
This concerns the following services:

Fixed business phonenumber – the service includes a 085 phonenumber
Other numbers – You can select an area code of any area in The Netherlands but also international numbers
Mobile first – With this service the call will go through the GMGM phone system and will be sent to your mobile first and if you don’t answer it will be sent to an operator
After hours message – A voice actress will record a message of your choosing, this is played to your callers after 6 PM when GMGM is closed
Welcome message – This message can also be recorded by our voice actress; “Welcome at company XYZ, you will now be transferred to one of our representatives”
IVR menu– GMGM can create a choices menu for you, example: press 1 for Finances and press 2 for Sales

Calling people or collegues is not yet possible with GMGM. Only inbound routing we can facilitate.


Call rates
Do not apply

Other costs
Mobile first – €15 / month
Fixed phonenumber – €25 per year
Afterhours – €50 one time
Welcome message – €50 one time
IVR menu – € 5 per month


With you get a fixed number with a telephone system on your mobile.
One free company phonenumber, voicemail and queue are included with the cheapest subscription (Basic).
If you also want a welcome message, opening hours and an IVR menu, take the complete package.
It is striking that there are no one-off costs and you can test 7 days for free.
Note: You also pay for incoming call minutes here! It is nice that it is settled per second.


Call rates
Starting rate €0
Fixed €0,06 p/m
Mobile €0,06 p/m

Other costs
€5 per month Base package
€10 per month Complete package

You can also buy prepaid minutes, see pricing.


Voys is a well-known player in the market of telephony and VoIP solutions. Here, too, you can put together your own telephone system in the cloud. You pay per package (including a set of functionalities) per telephone number, per device and per simultaneous incoming / outgoing line. This is also called a SIP trunk. Apart from the normal subscription you can opt for a Basic package that includes notifications and opening hours. With the Extended package you also have a choice menu and the Complete package includes a queue, listening in and telephone conferencing. Here too, you pay per second.


Call rates
Starting rate €0,03
Fixed €0,022 p/m
Mobile €0,089 p/m

Other costs
€2 per month per phonenumber
€5 per month per extension
€7,50 per month Base package
€20,- per month Complete package
€37,50 per month Extended package

There are also one time costs.
See the pricing for a good assessment.