Make money from the telephone answering service; make it completely free!

With Goodmorning-Goodafternoon you can quickly and easily recoup your costs for the answer and telephone service.

Are you satisfied with our service and would you like to recommend us? Then you earn money from everyone you recommend! And this, as long as he or she stays with us!

It costs you nothing, and you can recommend as many customers and friends as you want.

How does it work?

1. On the website, in the client area under the Member-get-Member menu, there is a link that you can give to your contacts. Your contacts can then register for the answering service.
2. Everyone who registers via this link is automatically “registered under your account”
3. You can share this link in the way you want, social media, e-mail or by placing a link on your own website.
4. You get 10% of the amount that your customers spend on answering service costs (excluding additional costs). Briefly; If you have 10 equivalent relationships, your answering service is completely free!

In deze afbeelding ziet u hoe de Member-get-Member pagina er uit ziet in uw eigen klantomgeving.
This image shows how the Member-get-Member page looks in your own client area.


  • You receive 10% credit of (over) all answer service transactions that your relationship yields.
  • You can request payment of the accrued credit. We can then add this to your balance for use of our service or pay it to you.
  • No multi-level schemes
  • Only paid transactions are eligible.
  • Not in combination with other promotions and / or discounts.
  • Only registrations via the correct link will be counted (so also explain this to your “friends”!).
  • The fee will be calculated on the “response service rate” by phone call “.
  • If the amount you earned is higher than your outstanding balance, we can pay this amount to you.
  • The minimum value for the settlement is €20. There is no maximum.