Answeringservice Frequently Asked Questions

  • Good morning Good afternoon is an answering service telephone service for entrepreneurs. We will answer the telephone for you when you can not do it yourself. Active since 2013 and part of GMGM B.V.

  • You can have your company telephone number answered by us. Our operators answer the phone with your company name and immediately after this you will receive an e-mail containing a report who has called and for what purpose. The operator will always make a note of the telephone number and the name of the caller. If necessary also the company name and/or e-mail address. Our operators can also fulfill a reception function, in which case the caller is ‘screened’ and, according to your instructions, forwarded to your phone or not.

  • We are different! What makes us different and why our service is top notch and still affordable you can read about here.

  • Yes you can! You can try out the service for 30 days. The registration fee will only be invoiced after those 30 days unless you cancel in the interim. 30 free calls are included in the 30-day trial. Click here to signup for a free trial.

  • Example 1:

    There are 5 calls weekly and you use our Freelance package. You have indicated in the control panel that no calls may be forwarded, so a call note is made for all calls. Accumulated your expenses are therefore:

    4 x 5 = 20 calls per month

    20 completed calls x € 1.95 per call = € 39 per month

    Example 2:
    There are 5 calls weekly and you use our Pro package. Some calls (25%) of these are forwarded to you or your colleagues based on your instructions. Accumulated your expenses are therefore:

    4 x 5 = 20 calls per month

    20 completed calls x € 1.50 per call = € 30 euro

    5 call transfers x € 1.00 per call = € 5 euro

    Total = € 30 + € 5 = € 35 per month

  • Yes, we use the independant Trustpilot platform. See reviews of our clients here.

  • Yes, you will receive a free fixed telephone number from us included with our service. This number is dedicated for your company, so callers do not get an IVR menu or other technical obstacles. These numbers are always local rate numbers, so NO premium rates apply.

  • We use the generally accepted service level: 80% of the calls are answered within 20 seconds. So this is a maximum of 4 rings. After the 4th ring the caller receives a general audio message announceing that all employees are in a call (in Dutch and then in English). It is impossible to answer 100% of the calls directly because there is always peak traffic. Experience shows that the waiting time is very rarely longer than 1.5 minutes but is usually shorter than 10 seconds.

  • You can directly use the answering service, you can easily arrange this yourself via our website. Create your account, fill in your preferences and data and you’re done! Immediately after you will receive an e-mail with your assigned Dutch phonenumber.

  • Are you looking for a temporary solution for getting your phone calls answered? No problem! Because we do not have a monthly subscription system with our Freelance package or expensive start-up costs, we can also help you during illness, pregnancy, relocation, leave, vacation, peak hours, calamities … you name it!

  • The telephone answering service is available from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Outside of these times we can play a professional voice message for you callers, transfer them to a voicemail box or to your mobile or other number.

  • That’s no problem. You can forward your existing number to the number you get from us. Please make sure when forwarding that we can see the number of the caller and not of your phone system.

  • We are cheaper than other providers of telephone services. We use smart techniques. But we are not the cheapest either! We want to be the best and that pays off for the user.

  • Dutch and English. Other languages are unfortunately not possible. You could look for an answering service abroad and then we can make an IVR menu for your callers so that, depending on the language choice (press 1 for Dutch, press 2 for German), they end up at the right party.

  • We do not work with a sophisticated script but the operators have 4 tabs in which you can provide the following information:

    1. A general instruction, in this field you can also specify a top 3 of frequently asked questions and answers.
    2. Transfer instructions. Most of our customers do not use this but if you want our operators to act as a reception, this is possible, they can then transfer callers to your device after they have been screened. For example, forwarding new customers and not existing customers (accepting a message).
    3. Description Company. What does your company do, what services do you offer and more information like that.
    4. Callers description. Who call and what about. Just to give our telephone operators a general picture of your business

    So it is not the intention that you put long instructions in these fields, we can not guarantee qualitative discussions. Keep it to-the-point! Do you want our telephonists to go deeper into the content? Please contact us for a customized quote.

  • Yes, we can provide you with a phonenumber for any area code in The Netherlands lik 010 for Rotterdam, 020 for Amserdam, etc.

  • Yes, for most countries this is possible. Contact us and we can tell you what’s possible.

  • Yes you can. We have many clients who are not located in The Netherlands. We can even provide you with an international phonenumber if needed, this will save you forwarding costs.

  • Yes that is possible. You pay 25 cents per text SMS received.


  • In general, you can forward your Dutch fixed number through most Dutch providers as follows:

    1. Dial * 21 * 085XXXXXXX # (so asterisk 21 asterisk, the 085 number and then a hash)
    2. Lift the handset or press to dial
    3. You will now receive a confirmation tone if it succeeds (if it does not work, look for specific instructions for your telephone provider)

    To cancel the forwarding: # 21 #

    A complete overview of how you can forward a fixed or mobile phone to us is in our forwarding instructions page. This page can also be found in your “customer portal”. If your telephone or telephone provider is not listed, we will be happy to look it up for you ..

  • Read more about is on our member-get-member explantion page.

  • My GMGM is our client area.

    This unique system is provided with a separate security certificate. You can log into the client area through this website or make a direct bookmark.

  • You can even create an unlimited number of contacts and/or departments with our answering service. Each so-called “sub-account” can then receive and manage his/her call notes and transferred calls.

    But! If you create additional contacts in your account, the main account (holder) can also listen to the call notes and telephone call recordings from everyone (department) that is “under” this account. This can be privacy sensitive; be clear about this to your employees.

    We only record the part of the conversation between caller and operator; So not the conversation between you/your employee and the caller that takes place after the transfer.

    An alternative may be that you create a completely new account for each additional contact with your own phone number; also ready within two minutes and without further obligations.

  • Yes that is possible. When you create a sub-contact, give this user the ‘View and manage contacts’ permission. After this the user can log in with his own account and then go to the menu Hello ‘name’> Contacts/Sub-Accounts. Here the employee can change his status and option to transfer.

  • Do rather not answer an incoming call but would you like to speak to the operator for consultation or transfer?

    We will call you with a fixed telephone number so you know one of our operators is calling you, this number is +31(0)85-7604646

    We do not answer this number. Do you have a missed call and do you not use voicemail? Then look in your e-mail or in the secured client area if we have left a callnote for you.

The agreement

  • Our general conditions are just a few lines.

    You can view this on the “fair” page. There you can also find the example agreements, which you can view, download and print.

  • You pay after receiving the invoice. Our prices are lean & mean, so please pay on time.

    You can pay in many ways; iDeal, Paypal, bank transfer and direct debit.
    In every invoice that you receive by e-mail, you will also immediately receive a link to execute the payment.

    telefoon service rekening betalenantwoordservice telefoon online betalen achteraf

    Invoices will be sent from our online platform

  • By default we invoice your with value added taxes.

    If you want to qualify for a 0% VAT rate because you are not established in the Netherlands, you can request this by e-mail.

  • We send the invoice every first day of the new month for the costs you have generated over the past month.

    If there have been no phone calls, you will of course not receive an invoice from us, unless you have a subscription package.

    You can pay after receiving the invoice. Our prices are lean and mean, so please pay on time.

    You can pay in many ways; iDEAL, Paypal, bank transfer and direct debit. In every invoice that you receive by e-mail, you will also immediately receive a link to execute the payment.

  • Privacy is hot! Rightly so! Privacy and internet & telephone (lines) have to be taken seriously. Not only our technology is up-to-date for this but also our employees are privacy aware. We are crystal clear; we respect everyone’s privacy. We simply do everything, as far as we reasonably can, to protect privacy. This sentence is also laid down in our general terms and conditions.

    The first account that you create for the telephone answering service has administrator rights. Think of it as the master user. This means that you can read all the call logs and listen to voicelogs with the login details of this account. So also those of colleagues if you have created it as an extra contact/subaccount. You can compare this with the rights a network administrator has with a company. It can also be used anywhere. So really logical. Be clear about this to your colleagues.

    Colleagues for whom you have created a subaccount (they use their own email address and a unique password) can only read the call notes from conversations that have been carried out for them. This also applies, of course, to listening back to the call recordings.

  • We have an overview of the costs for answering your calls. But you only pay if you use it. There are no hidden obligations.

  • Good morning-Good afternoon was founded by three entrepeneurs. Guys who have been entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. All with a background of Telecom, Innovation and Internet. In addition, “real” entrepreneurs ..

  • The services of Goodmorning-Goodafternoon exist to make entrepreneurs accessible. We take engineering, backup of systems and protocols seriously. An overview of what we do to ensure accessibility for our customers can be found here.

  • Yes! It is not “punishable” to record your own telephone calls for this legitimate purpose.

    Recording them is not a secret; we handle a short telephone call on your behalf. In this conversation we may also collect data that we send by email; that is also needed for the service to function. In short, this may be included because you are the “owner” of this conversation (after all, someone calls the number that was only made available to you to distribute further)

    We handle your call on your behalf; it’s that simple ; You are also the owner of this call and you may simply record this without prior permission.

    Mind you, the further disclosure of such a conversation is not always allowed.

  • Definately. We have already done this for several law firms, our management will personally sign it. Contact us.


Do you have another question? Please contact us, we will gladly assist you!


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