How our operators handle your calls


All our telephone operators have been working for us for a long time and know exactly what you expect from a telephone service as an entrepreneur. All telephonists are between the age of 25-50 years young and have chosen this work as their primary job.

In charge

Empathy is of great importance when doing this work. Our operators are always in the mindset to act in your interest as an entrepreneur but also in the interest of the caller. Our operators will steer the conversation within in the right direction.

How our operators handle your calls


Our team consists for the most part of ladies. It is a small well-organized club and not a large room full of people. Together they take care of your callers. There is continuous communication among them, no anonymous hassle. See here an overview of our experienced operators.


Handling telephone conversations is a human task and sometimes something goes wrong. That is why we have a supervisor who always keeps an eye on things. Furthermore, all operators are subjected to a strict training process with role play and we regularly do random checks to check the quality. Furthermore, you can of course listen to the recordings of the conversations in your own control panel!


Every operator has a professional headset with a dedicated telephone, the details of the caller are placed in a self-built screen where the operators see your instructions very quickly, the contacts within your organization, but they can also recognize returning callers based on caller ID and consult the notes of the previous conversations so that the name and other details of your customer do not need to be repeated-requested unnecessarily.

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